Letter From Revenge

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    Letter From Revenge Empty Letter From Revenge

    Post by stevenaramos on Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:51 pm

    In response to the letter we have received from Jay(Jurgen aka jay1dac) I would like to express my feelings to all of you regarding this matter.

    Please note: this message will be copied to Sam,Steven,Jay,Joe and Revan through PM on Skype.
    I believe as Jay felt this is the necessary group to send it to.
    Also I feel it is not necessary to forward this or Jay’s message to anyone else in the clan.
    Now to the matter at hand, I have indeed just as Jay said noticed the behaviour of Xevorik.
    In the beginning I too didn’t notice it that much and thought it was just a regular ‘’gaming-anger’’
    Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case.
    I have heard some things from Jay through pm before and I have seen some behaviour from Xevorik myself and he has appeared to be offensive to individuals, myself included.

    As for his ‘’sexual preference behaviour’’, I did not see any of this and I have not always been present while he was in game or a skype call talking to some of you guys.
    However due to recent events I had already decided that he was in my top list of people to kick from the clan.

    I just didn’t go through with it yet, because so far what I had experienced was not ‘’going too far’’ and since I had not seen him online for a while I did not take any actions yet.

    I have been checking some of the clan members out lately and I was already in the process of creating a plan to clean out the clan. However I did not talk about this with any of the TSR staff yet and there was not really a rush. All of this will be happening sometime in the near future, but nothing that needs to be rushed.
    The Xevorik matter however has gone too far in my eyes.
    This is why earlier today when I had a chance at opening a browser I without hesiation have removed Xevorik from the clan.
    I hereby recommend to all of you to block and remove Xevorik on skype.

    Even though I said this message is only intended for a few people in the clan, the fact that we are removing Xevorik should become known within the clan so therefor i will PM every clan member that has skype with the strong recommendation to remove and block Xevorik.
    I will send Xevorik one last message regarding his behaviour in our clan before i remove him from my skype contacts.

    Now there is one thing that bothers me and that is what Jay said about what happened in the platoon.
    There was a platoon with Freezeing(Revan) and Freeze.
    Xevorik told either Revan or Freeze (whoever was the platoon host) to kick Jay out of the platoon and a team battle is started.
    Now my take on this, what likely happened is that Jay was not dropped personally but the entire platoon was dismissed and a team battle was started.
    Whether this is what actually happened is unclear to me, but it is my guess.
    Now the question is whether Jay was invited to the team battle, I don’t know.
    What I do know is that what it seems like from Jay, he was left out because Xevorik told others to.
    This is exactly the kind of behaviour we do not want in this clan and why Xevorik has been removed.
    I do understand what Jay said, he should have been asked about ending the platoon/starting a team battle.

    I hope it has just been a misunderstanding and that this can be resolved in private between Jay and Revan.
    If for whatever reason you guys seem to have problems about this please contact me about this.
    As Jay said, people like Xevorik have the intension of turning people against eachother and this is one thing we do not want.
    But In my eyes you guys are both people with common sense and with Xevorik out of the way I don’t see why this could not be resolved.
    Over these past few weeks Jay has become a respected member of this clan and a good friend to me.
    I would hate to see someone leave a great group that we have all because of a bad apple.
    As Jay said we have an imperfect clan, that means we are still growing and I feel like this is a great learning process.
    It is understandable that Jay steps aside for a short time, but I think I can speak on behalf of all of us we would hate to see him go for good.
    Hereby I would also like to thank Jay for his letter and observance.

    Also If none of you object I would like to add Joe to the TSR Staff.
    The letter that Jay sent had me thinking and I feel it is in placet hat he sent it also to Joe, because I feel he has become a great part of our clan and he is very active and think he can provide us his knowledge and help where needed.
    Hereby I will add Joe as a Company Commander like Revan and Jay are.
    If anyone objects to this(which i doubt) please contact me through PM about this.

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