Thank You Letter from Jay

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    Thank You Letter from Jay Empty Thank You Letter from Jay

    Post by stevenaramos on Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:53 pm

    Good morning guys, I just read your messages.

    It's a bit of a nasty situation, but I am humbled by your reactions.

    Just a brief clarification, there is NO bad blood between Freezeing and I. None at all.

    I consider him to be a friend (as I consider all of you) and I think that goes both ways. What I think happened is that Xevorik was pushing and "freeze" left platoon first. I had explained to Freezeing that I left the skype call after Xevorik started talking crap and since he was still in a call with them, I can imagine there was some peer pressure. Perhaps he avoided the awkwardness to notify me that a 3 person game is more fun than a 2 person game (which I would agree with). I did not get an invite and I asked Freezeing what had happened, but I did not talk about it further, until I sent the same message to all of you at the same time.

    I am not going anywhere. I just said I would step aside to avoid puting the clan in a position where you had to choose, after all, who am I? At the same time I am happy you did make the decision to clean up. That takes guts and leadership and you certainly have my respect.

    Thank you‏

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