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    Faction Leader's Empty Faction Leader's

    Post by stevenaramos on Mon May 11, 2015 11:15 pm

    It has came to me that Faction leaders are not mostly on and users want to get hired in factions leaders that are named above will be Discharged off of the faction and will be interviewed for a new leader that is mostly on and will help out the Xero community as Management Staff I'am upset here are the list of leaders.

    LSPD - Deputy Chief Steven Ramos will be removed for inactivity no buts or why's.
    LSPD -  P.O Slavaco Inactivity Due to that  his business will shut down and will be removed

    LSMFD - Chief Thea Queen To much inactivity also cares about her own site then our community and users.

    Hitman - Tony Murdoc    Removed because of leaders request abused /contract's.

    The list will update!

    credits: Jose of Xero

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    Jose wrote:as for you steven ramos you will be leaving the department with a dishonorable discharge
    - Jose

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