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    Post by stevenaramos on Thu Oct 16, 2014 3:07 pm

    SUBJECT: The future of the clan

    Greetings fellow tankers,

    This is a very important message regarding the future of the clan. This message has been sent to everyone who is currently in the clan or has recently left.

    As most of you know, several weeks ago there has been an incident during a clan event.
    Ever since then the clan has been rather shattered.
    Even before this incident but specially since everything that has happened over the past several weeks i have disagreed more and more with the way the main TSR clan leader aka Dorkyduck has been leading this clan.

    There are several things that have bothered me for a while now, such as:

    - No clarity or structure
    - Dozens of websites causing loads of confusion
    - Decisions are made without discussing it with me while i am the WoT clan commander
    - Talking about fellow clan members behind their back

    Recently I have tried reaching out to Dorkyduck by discussing these matters and hoping we could get on common ground. Unfortunately this has not been the case. In the conversations we had, he did seem reasonable on some parts, and he asked me to put up a roster what i think the positions of staff of the clan should be so we could discuss it. Then the next day he simply announces HIS choice to the entire clan without discussing it with me. This is just one of the many examples.

    Due to the above reasons I have decided to part from TSR and create a new clan. In practice this means that the current World of Tanks clan will undergo a name change, if you do not wish to be part of the new clan, inform me before end of the month. If you have recently left the clan and wish to be part of the new clan, please also inform me by the end of the month.
    That means TSR will no longer have a World of Tanks clan nor is this new clan part of TSR.

    Here are the details of what you can expect to see in this clan:

    - The board will consist of 5 members
    - I have the support of some of the current TSR members and they will help me decide who the new clan board members will be.
    - Future decisions will be discussed with the board and all 5 board members have a say in this.
    - Requirements for new members to join:
    • Must own a non SPG tank Tier 6 or higher
    • Must be 18 years of age or older(Exceptions can be made but this will be the standard)
    • Must be able to use voicechat(we will use Skype for now, might change later on)
    - There will be one website where people can find information about the clan and one forum for clan members to discuss things
    - The clan will be mainly about World of Tanks, but might also be expanded to other games in the future
    - There will be frequent Stronghold battles and also bracket style tournaments in the future.

    I apologize that it had to come to this but as management is failing, I feel like I have a resposibility to step in and restore order according to our previous agreements. This cannot be done without opsetting those with different views, but it is absolutely not personal and I hope the change will not affect our friendship. For those who may choose to leave the current WoT clan, I wish you all the best and hope we can remain in touch.

    Regards, ReVeNGe

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