Team Stealth Reborn Oath

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    Team Stealth Reborn  Oath Empty Team Stealth Reborn Oath

    Post by stevenaramos on Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:15 pm

    "When we joined the TSR, we took an Oath!"
    "According to our station! All without exception!"
    "On the blood of our fathers... on the blood of our sons, we swore to uphold TSR!"
    "Even to our dying breath!"
    "Those who would break this oath are Heretics... Worthy of neither pity, nor mercy! Even now, They use our Lord's creations to broadcast their lies!"
    "We shall grind them into dust!" {The subtitles add to this line with "...scrape them as excrement from our boots."
    "And continue our march to glorious salvation!"

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