Server Plans on Re-Opening

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    Server Plans on Re-Opening Empty Server Plans on Re-Opening

    Post by stevenaramos on Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:17 pm

    1. Make an New admin Team
    2.Make an Scripting Team out of Professional Scripters that Provide the Required Quality
    3.Find an Cheap Sever Host that it will costs less and Run off of player's Donations to stay 24/7
    4.Enforce Admin Policy on Admins (Strictly)
    5. Down Grade Server From Strict/Heavy Role play down to Medium Role play
    6. Fire and Banned any Corrupted admin (Permanently)
    7. do an spam Clean Up of original LSCNR2 / U-RP Forums (Due Date: 4/20/2014) to complete Cleaning up Spam

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